October 26, 2015

Bison at Penn State

In mid October Clayton drove the bison up to Penn State and installed it in the Children’s Garden within the Penn State Arboretum.  The site that had been chosen was next to a “river bed” of stones representing the Susquehanna which wends through a section of the garden.

When the sculpture was unveiled on October 11 it was dedicated to Rodney Kirsch, vice president of development at Penn State originally from North Dakota, who has worked with a team of fundraisers (to whom he gave much credit) to raise money to create not only the arboretum but many of the buildings on Penn State’s campus.

One of the reasons the donors had wanted Clayton to create this sculpture was because they had seen children climbing on Miss Gratz at the Brandywine River Museum.  Within half an hour of the ceremony, children were already climbing on Bison bison, perching on his neck just behind his massive head.